IT User Experience Manager

Job Outline

City Education Group is a dynamic private education provider headquartered in Dublin that delivers transformative education programmes to students at second and third levels, focusing on professional, higher and vocational training.  

We are seeking to appoint an IT User Experience Manager to join our IT Team. The IT User Experience Manager is responsible for developing the people on the team, identifying opportunities for improving students’ experience when engaging digitally and working with other teams to lead the organisation’s vision. This role will also support the Group in the development and delivery of a suite of blended and online programmes through the provision of technical and pedagogical advice regarding instructional design and assessment and the identification and development of the training and support necessary for academic and administrative staff to deliver the programmes. 

Person Specification

Candidates will be required to provide evidence of:

  1. Formal qualification in User Experience Design, HumanComputer Interactions, Information Architecture or a related field.
  2. The ability to create student user journeys that have the right balance of depth, simplicity and flexibility.
  3. Excellent understanding of cross-browser/cross-platform compatibility issues in relation to testing on variety of devices, including mobile and desktop.
  4. Specialist in methodical based UX concepts, utilising userflow diagrams, sketches, process flows, website analytics and user research.
  5. Ability to work with a variety of audiences to ensure the delivery of quality education utilising the latest technology.
  6. Good organisational and time management skills.
  7. Strong verbal, written and visual communication skills.
  8. Excellent attention to detail and a methodical approach to problem solving.
  9. Flexible, self-motivated and enthusiastic.
  10. Strong interpersonal, leadership and motivational skills.
  11. End-to-end Project Management experience is desirable.

Principal Duties & Responsibilities

The IT User Experience Manager will play a central role in the IT Team within CEG.  

The appointee will carry out such duties as are assigned by management including, but not limited to: –

  1. Presenting and communicating ideas clearly to other team members, stakeholders and peers using verbal, written and visual formats.
  2. Collaborating with academic staff and industry experts to apply learning design approaches to online, blended and face-to-face courses to meet learning objectives and outcomes
  3. Designing flexible courses using a range of synchronous and synchronous platforms and using the associated data to enhance the learner experience.
  4. Supporting the use of digital badges as a means of recognising learning and competences.
  • Working collaboratively with the IT Department on technical issues relating to implementation and the deployment of technologies and applications to support delivery.
  • Working collaboratively within the Group to ensure that academic and administrative staff receive the necessary technical and pedagogical training to develop and deliver successful online and blended education programmes.
  • Identifying areas for innovation and improvement through engagement with stakeholders.   
  • Planning and project managing the development of online content and delivering regular reports on progress.
  • Keeping up-to-date with technology and platform developments and seeking to identify enhancements to the digital learning experience for learners.
  • Acting as a subject matter expert in the area of technology enhanced learning and instructional design.

Return of Applications

Interested applicants should send a cover letter highlighting their relevant experience and an up-to-date CV to before 5pm on Wednesday 13th October 2021.